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What is viral marketing quizlet

Promotion Activities.
E-marketing the use of computer technology to market goods and services revenue, an increase in owner's equity resulting from the operation of a business ensure (v) to make something certain to happen campaign, a series of actions intended to accomplish a goal marketing the commercial.
Prospecting: getting referrals and cold call info in search for customers.Buzz Marketing, an attempt to incite publicity and public excitement surrounding a product through a creative event.Negative - anger - confusion - sadness, social Utility others finding value in the content opinion seeking want to see what others think.Product: pioneer, competitive, institutional Ads, broad, typically image or issue ads.Paid, non- personal communication about an organization and its products transmitted to a target audience through mass media.Retain loyal customers.Buzzword (n) a word or phrase that becomes very popular for a period of time word of mouth, the passing of information and opinions verbally.Viral Marketing, a strategy to get customers to share a marketer's message in a way that spreads dramatically and quickly.Self expression content says something about sharer, kudos authority want to demonstrate knowledge, kudos coolhunter want to be the first to tell others.Psychological: ex/ bundle, everyday low.Promotional: price leader, special event.Business to Business, both the sellers and buyers are business organizations.

Identify target market.
E-Business, broader definition of Electronic Commerce.
Digital marketing marketing that incorporates the components of e-commerce, internet lego promo code canada marketing and mobile marketing e-commerence selling goods and services on the internet cyberbait a type of lure or attraction that brings people to the web site interactive marketing the process of individualizing and personalizing web.
Electronic Tendering System, business (or governments) request"s from suppliers; uses B2B (or G2B) with reverse auctions.
Assessment of target market's evaluation of price.Publicity/Public Relations -Non- paid mass media, a broad set of communication efforts used to create/maintain favorable relationships between organizations and stakeholders (news-story form) - An ongoing program during crises and good times.Appeals Rational, emotional, fear, sex, humor Steps in the Advertising Creation.Mobile Commerce, electronic commerce conducted in a wireless environment.Electronic Marketplace A central, virtual market space on the web where many buyers and many sellers can conducts e-commerce and e-business activities Electronic Retailing The direct sale of products and services through electronic storefronts or electronic malls, usually designed around and electronic catalog format/or auctions.Consumer to Consumer an individual sells products or services to other individuals.Also refers to servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and performing electronic transaction within an organization.Differential: charging different prices to different buyers for the same thing.

New product: price skimming, penetration pricing.
Selective Demand demand for a specific brand, elements of Promotion.